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908 Repairing System

User-friendly with fast heating and longer usage life soldering station and high performance hot air system.

Standard soldering tool for a wide range of tasks.
ü Designed with PTC heating element soldering station for fast heat up.
ü Especially suited for repairing mobile phone PCB plastic connectors, chip caps, and other large components.

PACKAGE CONTENT :  908 Station with hot air gun, Air Nozzles (1124, 1130, 1196, 1197), 2630 Soldering
                                 iron, Z005 Hot air gun holder, 939 Vacuum suction pen, and Power cord.

Power Input : Available in 110V or 220 V
Station Dimension : 187w x 128h x 246d mm
Weight : 5.8 Kg

Soldering Iron:

Power Consumption : 60 W
Temperature Range : 200-480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : PTC Heating Element
Output Voltage : 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential : Below 2mV

Hot Air:

Power Consumption : 450 W
Temperature Range : 100-500 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Metal Heating Core
Nozzle to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Pump/Motor Type : Diaphragm pump
Air Capacity : 23 L/min (max)
Manipulator Length : 240 mm

Replacement Parts Code/Accessories:

10087 Soldering Iron Heating Element, 10093 Hot air gun heating element, Soldering iron tips, Air Nozzles.