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908+ Repairing System

User-friendly with fast heating and longer usage life soldering station and high performance hot air system.

Built-in robotic hot air gun manipulator for stable and precise hands-free reworking while soldering on the
   other hand.
ü Effectively maintains distance between board and nozzle hence providing constant air volume and
   temperature for quality soldering.

PACKAGE CONTENT : 908+ Station with hot air gun, Air Nozzles (1124, 1130, 1196, 1197), 10087 Soldering
                                 iron, 2630 Soldering iron holder, Z003 Hot air gun holder, 939 Vacuum suction pen,
                                 and Power cord.

Power Input : Available in 110V or 220 V
Station Dimension : 187w x 128h x 246d mm
Weight : 5.8 Kg

Soldering Iron:

Power Consumption : 60 W
Temperature Range : 200-480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : PTC Heating Element
Output Voltage : 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential : Below 2mV

Hot Air:

Power Consumption : 450 W
Temperature Range : 100-500 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Metal Heating Core
Nozzle to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Pump/Motor Type : Diaphragm pump
Air Capacity : 23 L/min (max)
Manipulator Length : 240 mm

Replacement Parts Code/Accessories:

10087 Soldering Iron Heating Element, 10093 Hot air gun heating element, Soldering iron tips, Air Nozzles.