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Low cost, modular and flexible infrared technology for effective, high yield rework of advanced IC packages

Precision solder leaving no marks in reworked circuit boards.
ü Movement of surrounding components can be eliminated.
ü Generates heat through concentrated infrared heat wave.
ü Brings sophisticated infrared rework systems to the simplicity of a hand tool.
ü Can be used widely for reworking BGAs, micro BGAs, QFPs, PLCCs, SPICs, small SMD and other circuit 
   board components.
ü Closed loop temperature control for instant and precise process adjustments.
ü Adjustable pre-heating surface temperature that prevents PCB distortion.

PACKAGE CONTENT:  Main unit, Preheating station, Cooling stand, Foot switch, Infrared soldering gun,
                                PCB holder,  2 Power cords, and Welding goggles.


Power Input : Available in 110V or 220 V
Frequency : 50 kHz
Weight : 10 Kg
Total Current : 5A
Main Control Dimension : 220w x 70h x 250d mm

Infrared Solder light Gun:

Power Consumption : 200W
Temperature Range : 100-450 degrees Celsius
Heating Element with Tip : Halogen Light Source

Pre-Heater :

Power Consumption : 600W
Temperature Range : 100-500 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Quartz Infrared
Dimension : 220w x 70h x 250d mm

Cooling Stand:

Power Consumption : 12W
Dimension : 140w x 55h x 180d mm