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Compact rework station center including a soldering tool and a hot air best suited for reworking
small chip caps and plastic connectors.

Patent features with better function combination.
ü Turbine motor generated, works well with BGA, plastic connectors as well as surface covers.
ü Double digital read-out with knob control.  Easy to read actual and set temperature.
ü Dependable and precise heating core temperature.
ü Closed loop sensor temperature control together with linear temperature adjustment for high power
    during start up.

PACKAGE CONTENT : 899 Station with hot air gun, Air nozzles (1196, 1197, 1313), B003 Soldering iron,
                                Soldering iron holder, Z003 Hot air gun holder, G001 IC popper, and Power cord.

Power Input : Available in 110V or 220 V
Station Dimension : 188w x 126h x 250d mm
Weight : 4.5 Kg

Soldering Iron:

Power Consumption : 35 W
Temperature Range : 200-480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage : 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential : Below 2mV

Hot Air:

Power Consumption : 500 W
Temperature Range : 100-500 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Metal Heating Core
Nozzle to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Pump/Motor Type : Turbine motor
Air Capacity : 23 L/min (max)

Replacement Parts Code/Accessories:

C001 Soldering Iron Heating Element, 10096 Hot air gun heating element, Soldering iron tips, Air Nozzles.