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Modular design with reliable temperature stability for all types of soldering job.

Micro-processor controlled.
ü Touch type control, digital read-out of actual and set temperature.
ü With built-in sensor maintaining constant and precise temperature.
ü Compact and stackable design occupying minimal space in the workstation.

PACKAGE CONTENT : 937+ station, B001 Soldering iron, 2630 soldering iron holder, and C001 soldering
                                iron spare heating element.


Power Input : Available in 110V or 220 V
Power Consumption : 45 W
Temperature Range : 200-480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element : Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage : 24V
Tip to Ground Resistance : Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential : Below 2mV
Station Dimension : 120w x 80h x 140d mm
Weight : 2.4 Kg

Replacement Parts Code / Accessories: 

C001 Soldering iron heating element
Soldering iron tips